Gaming With The DualShock 3 (PS3) Controller On Your Unrooted Xperia Z

We all know that the SONY Xperia Z is a PlayStation Certified device. Meaning, it supports games and features that are under the PlayStation mobile platform. This platform includes games that are highly optimized for the Android OS, specially for the Xperia handsets.



And because of that, bet you didn’t know… that  Sony Mobile is planning and will shortly introduce a native support for the DUALSHOCK 3 PlayStation 3 controller. This means that there would be a  full wireless support to play your Android/PlayStation Mobile games without the need of rooting your phone or buying or downloading additional software.



But since this native support hasn’t been released on these PlayStation Certified devices. Many developers have developed ways to let these handsets (even non-Sony) to support the said controller.

One of it is the Six Axis Controller app and the others are thru rooting the handset. BUT there also some games, mostly premium ones, are already capable of supporting the said controller without the aid of any app or without even rooting your phone.


All you need is to download the game, plug in the PS3 controller to your phone using OTG (yes, it is available in CD-R King) and presto! Your may now play your games with the DUALSHOCK 3 PlayStation 3 controller.

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